Our Plans

Master Plan Project
African Plains

Starting with the opening of the Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience in July 2011, the African Plains section of the zoo is becoming an important visitor experience area for our 600,000 annual guests.  The new, naturalistic  $3.1 million rhino exhibit will continue to enhance the African Plains section of the zoo by featuring a visitor experience area allowing our guests to get an up close encounter with the rhinos.  Guests will also have the opportunity for indoor viewing of these gentle giants during both the hot summer and cold winter months.

Meet our Rhinos!

Jeannie, our female white rhinoceros, was born in March of 1980. She enjoys rolling in mud to beat the heat, and filing her horns on tree trunks and other rough objects around her yard. She’s more independent than Buzbie, and our zoo keepers say she does everything on Jeannie time!

Buzbie is our male white rhino. He’s just a year younger than Jeannie, having been born in April of 1981. He can usually be seen grazing for any grass in their yard, and eating bark off fresh tree trunks. He also likes to push objects around the exhibit. He shows a real attachment to our zoo keepers, and will often trot along the fence alongside staff. Buzbie loves it when his keepers scratch his back and arms.